Order your Replacement Birth Certificate Copy Fleetwood

Ordering a fully certified long version copy of your Replacement Birth Certificate Fleetwood area has never been simpler, faster or hassle free. If you have lost or simply need a recent copy then we can help.


Certified replacement birth certificate copy

When you order a replacement birth certificate copy from UK Birth Certificates, your document is suitable for any legal purpose within the UK and also for family history use. It is a fully certified and legitimate copy of your Fleetwood birth certificate.


What will i receive?

You will receive a fully certified long version Fleetwood Birth Certificate. They can also be referred to as Certified or Extract Copies,  they are issued from the archived images of the original registrars entries, please be certain they are not photocopies. You will receive a freshly printed certificate with the new issue date printed.


Fast service

Here at UK Birth Certificates, we understand that when you order a Replacement birth certificate it is required for an important reason. And so, we focus on you, the customer, and we have tailored the full online process to be simple from start to finish. With many agencies offering the service just one small mistake can cause delays to the order or even the annulment of the order. We pride ourselves on taking the required care and attention to fulfil your order so that your certified birth certificate copy order runs smoothly.

We have access to all the required databases which means should there be any problems that arise we can always resolve them quickly and efficiently without delay. If a problem should flag we will contact you immediately to seek a resolve.



We use Royal Mail to deliver all our UK bound certificates, the timescales for each service level are quoted at the time of order. And where possible if we can despatch an order ahead of the quoted timescale  we will so that you may receive the certificate earlier than quoted and expected. Our priority service includes Royal mail special delivery next working day delivered service so if you are in an urgent fix we make sure your Replacement Birth Certificate copy arrives quickly.


I don’t live in the UK. Will my Fleetwood birth certificate be accepted abroad?

If the birth certificate copy is required to apply for your British Passport it does not matter where you live, you can use the birth certificate without any further need for apostille stamps. If you order the replacement birth certificate copy using the priority service we include a fully tracked DHL delivery service, otherwise the standard and standard plus service include royal mail standard airmail.

For customers residing outside of the UK we offer apostille stamp services which validate the authenticity of the document when presenting it to foreign officials. Apostille stamps are not always required so we would always advise that you check with the requester before ordering one as it may be an unnecessary added expense.

Fleetwood replacement Birth Certificate Copy

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You can call us from the UK or anywhere in the world!, we are more than happy to assist you with your replacement copy birth certificate request. Or if more convenient to you please simply complete the secure online contact form here.

If there are questions that we haven’t covered here regarding why you may need your replacement certificate there is more information available here in the blog articles: Birth Certificate News and Information Articles.