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What does UK Official Certificates do?

UK Official Certificates provides an invaluable service for people in need of official documentation. Whether you’re replacing your birth certificate for a passport application or need a copy of a marriage certificate to change your name, we make it quick and easy.

Drawing on over 15 years of experience, our expert team will process your application and cross-reference all information with official databases. By filling in the blanks and making sure all details are accurate, we’ll minimise the chance of delays for your replacement birth, marriage, death or adoption certificate.

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Birth certificates are required for a wide range of purposes, including school placements, passport applications and visa requests. They’re issued when births are registered, within 42 days of them taking place. But it’s so easy to misplace them or even lose them altogether over the years. Additionally, not all parents will choose to purchase a birth certificate when registering a birth.

Whether you’re a parent applying for your child or you need a copy of your own birth certificate, UK Official Certificates can help.

Tell us as much as you can about the birth certificate replacement you need, including names, locations and dates (if known). We’ll then handle the application process to get you a full (long) version of your birth certificate without delay.

There’s no need to send any ID or documentation. With access to official records, our team can double-check the accuracy and spelling of information provided – and even add extra details where possible.

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Marriage certificate copy | Order Now >

Much like the other official certificates, marriage certificates aren’t produced and sent automatically. You have to order one from the Register Office – and not all couples do so. Alternatively, you might have ordered one or more and simply misplaced them in the post-wedding blur or years that followed.

You’ll need a copy of your marriage certificate to change your name on your bank account, insurance and various forms of ID. In more unfortunate circumstances, it’s also required to apply for a divorce.

You can apply for a marriage certificate at any point following a marriage, even after a divorce has taken place. There’s no need for your partner’s consent, so anyone can apply for a marriage certificate with a few simple details. If you’re concerned about missing information, our team is committed to checking that everything is present and correct before your application is submitted.

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Adoption certificate copy | Order Now >

An adoption certificate effectively replaces a birth certificate for lots of purposes, including new passports and other applications requiring proof of identity. However, you might not think to pay for a copy when you adopt a child. Or perhaps your adopted parents have forgotten where they left it.

These things happen. What’s important is that you get a replacement when you need it. When applying for an adoption certificate copy, you might be unsure about some of the information needed, such as the year of adoption or name of the court. That’s not an issue with UK Official Certificates – as we can double-check these details with official records.

You can obtain a replacement adoption certificate for yourself, your adopted child or on someone else’s behalf. All that matters is that you give us as much information as you can.

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Death certificate copy | Order Now >

Death certificates are normally issued within 5-8 days of a bereavement, depending on where you are the UK. But with all the stress involved in grieving and arranging a funeral, it’s easy to lose a death certificate. Or perhaps a death certificate was never requested, given that a death can be registered without a certificate being purchased.

Copies may be required to access pensions, claim life insurance or remarry further down the line if you’ve become widowed. Not to worry. UK Official Certificates can process your request to minimise the amount of time and effort required on your part. Simply fill in our online form with details of the person’s name, age at death, and the date and location of their death (if you can), then we’ll do the rest.

You can apply for a death certificate on the behalf of any other person, so you don’t need to worry about sending your own proof of identity and how this will delay the process.

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Fast certificate replacement

Whether you’re replacing a birth certificate or requesting a marriage certificate copy, UK Official Certificates is committed to being swift and supportive for customers throughout the UK. Our certificate replacement services are available with three options, depending on how fast you need a copy of a birth, adoption, marriage or death certificate:

  • Standard – With our cost-effective standard service, certificates are dispatched within 10 working days.
  • Standard Plus – Opt for standard plus if you’re a little more pushed for time, with certificates dispatched within 5 working days.
  • Priority – Our top-tier service ensures certificates are dispatched within 1-2 working days, putting you at the front of the queue.

Please note that Standard and Standard Plus are not available for adoption certificate replacements – only Priority.

Certificate copies throughout the UK

Order a birth certificate in Belfast, death certificate in Dundee, adoption certificate in Aberystwyth or a marriage certificate in Manchester. UK Official Certificates helps people throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with fast, reliable certificate copy services.

There are some small differences in the four parts of the UK, including how far back you can request a certificate. For example, birth certificates in England and Wales date back to 1837, while Northern Ireland and Scotland go back to 1864 and 1855, respectively.

However, our timeframes are the same, no matter where you’re based in the UK. That’s within 10 working days for Standard, 5 working days for Standard Plus and 1-2 working days for Priority.

We can also help customers based abroad, as long as the document you need was registered in the UK. Our team can post your replacement certificate to your nearest British Embassy with dedicated support for overseas applicants.

How much does a certificate copy cost?

The cost of your replacement certificate depends on which of our services you choose – based on how quickly you need a copy.

Our Standard service costs just £39.95, including the full checking of your application and postage to your chosen address.

Standard Plus is £64.95 with applications processed and certificates sent out a little quicker.

For the most urgent requirements, our Priority service costs £89.95, which includes all of the above plus Royal Mail special delivery.

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