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Types of UK birth certificates

If you need to Order A Copy Birth Certificate, UK Official Certificates can help you obtain these vital records.

There are two types of birth certificates, the full version and the short version. A full version copy certificate gives the full identifying details of the event, and the short version does not.

A full version copy has the child’s name, sex, date of birth, place of birth, and parent’s full name if applicable. If a parent did not attend the registration their name is not recorded.

The home address and occupations of the parents and the date of registration and the registrar’s name are also recorded.

A short version lists the name of the child, date and place of birth. For purposes of identification, the full version certificate is necessary.

If you need to order a replacement birth certificate, we are here to help with a seamless process. You can order online to get a copy of a birth certificate by simply providing some detailed information.

Reasons why a copy birth certificate may be needed

The most common reason we see today is for new job applications. In November 2008 it became mandatory for a candidate to prove their entitlement to work in the UK. There are many other reasons a birth record may be necessary. British passport applications, nursery or school places, obtaining a driving licence, marriage and so on.


Ordering copy birth certificates that were not registered in the UK

And if the parents were working abroad in a diplomatic capacity for the UK Government then so should the record also be here.

We can now source replacement birth certificates from around the world. Partner countries currently include the USA, Caribbean, Canada, Spain, France, Poland, Germany and ROI. To see if we can assist with overseas events submit your enquiry via the contact form or call us at 01706 826109. We will be happy to assist you where possible.


Using a UK copy birth certificate abroad

All UK certified copies are suitable for use abroad, although, it is common for foreign officials to request the apostille stamp.

The apostille stamp is a guarantee from the FCDO that the birth record is genuine.

Apostille also means “legalised”, and so it is common for foreign officials to use the “legal” term.

We advise that you ask the foreign official if the apostille is required. Getting things right from the start can save a lot of unnecessary, wasted time and money.

The apostille is available to order from the replacement birth certificate application form.


Family history research

Birth registration in England and Wales began in 1837 and became mandatory in 1875. In the interim period there are missing records, unfortunately. In Scotland, mandatory registration began in 1855, before then there were parish records but these are not available to order. For Northern Ireland registrations you can order copy certificates from 1864 onwards. You can also find a death certificate in the same manner.

The process of ordering a copy birth certificate

UK birth records are public records so anyone can order them. However, there is data protection legislation to safeguard against fraudulent activity. For example, if ordering a copy birth certificate for births within the last 50 years the full identifying details are necessary.

If the event is outside 50 years the legislation is more relaxed. In either case, there is no need for a signed release or any other form of ID to get a replacement certificate.

The easiest way to order is to order a birth certificate online by using the website application form. We understand that not everyone is confident with computers and might not want to order from an online vendor, so we also allow telephone orders.


Copy Certificate processing times and prices

We have 3 levels of service that are each priced depending on the turn around speed of your online order. Please see below:

  • Standard £22.95 – dispatched within ten working days
  • Standard Plus £39.95 – dispatched within five working days
  • Priority £69.95 – sent within 1-2 working days

We send standard and standard plus orders to UK addresses with royal mail 1st class. And to international addresses with regular mail and signed for respectively.

Priority orders include royal mail special delivery to UK addresses and DHL tracked to international addresses.


Unsuccessful searches 

If we are unable to find a requested birth record we will make contact with you to try and establish why this may be. If after speaking to you, we are still unable to find a match we will make a full refund available.