How Do I Change My Name After Marriage?


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There are any number of reasons why you need a marriage certificate. Perhaps you’re applying for a new passport, or maybe you’re applying for finance with a bank. Whatever the reason, you may be asked for your marriage certificate as proof of identity.

That’s why it’s useful to have a certified copy of your marriage certificate available on-hand. Most organisations or institutions won’t accept a photocopy, so you’ll need the real thing. Making it vital that you know how to change your name after marriage.

So, if you’re wondering exactly how do you change your name after marriage, don’t worry. Read on for the answers to any questions you may have.

How do I change my name after marriage?

If you change your name when you get married, you need to notify a range of organisations and institutions. These include the DVLA, banks and building societies, the HM Land Registry, HMRC and your employer and pension provider.

In order to notify these institutions and organisations, you’ll need a certified copy of your marriage certificate. You only receive one marriage certificate following your wedding. That’s why it’s sensible to have another, just in case the original gets misplaced.

How do I order a replacement marriage certificate?

UK Official Certificates make it easy and stress-free to order a certified replacement marriage certificate.

Our simple application form is available online and takes mere minutes to fill out. Simply input details about your marriage – such as its location and registration office – as well as your personal information. From there, you choose the speed of service you require, and send off your form for us to check.

We’ll cross-reference your form with official UK databases, meaning that you won’t face any time-consuming delays or tedious back-and-forth communication with a registry office. We also don’t require any other documents or ID for your application, all we need is the information you provide us on the form.

Once that’s done, we’ll advance your application, and you’ll have your replacement marriage certificate in the timeframe you’ve chosen.

We offer three tiers of service, depending on how quickly you need your certificate. You can find out more about costings in this blog post: How Much Does Marriage Certificate Replacement Cost? Delivery time takes between 1-2 to ten days, and you’ll receive your marriage certificate from Royal Mail.

Have your marriage certificate on hand with UK Official Certificates

Having helped over 300,000 people order replacement marriage certificates, we’re best placed to help you secure a certified copy when you need to know how to change your name after marriage. Contact UK Official Certificates today on 01706826109 or email us on to find out how we can help.

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