How Much Does Marriage Certificate Replacement Cost?


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Requesting a replacement marriage certificate is a process many Brits find themselves facing at some point. Whether it’s due to loss, damage or simply needing an additional copy, understanding the cost of marriage certificate replacement is important. In this guide, we’ll shed light on the process and answer all your questions about how to apply for a replacement marriage certificate. We’ll also give you hard-and-fast numbers about copy of marriage certificate costs.

The basics of marriage certificate replacement

Before we break down the cost of a copy of a marriage certificate, let’s take a moment to unpack how the application process works. UK Official Certificates makes the process easy with a user-friendly online platform. Simply use the online form to provide details about the marriage, including the location of registration and the names of both parties. You’ll also need to provide the date and place of marriage.

Choose your service level

Once you’ve filled in the necessary details, you’ll be asked to select a delivery speed. UK Official Certificates provides three service levels. The timeframe you choose will determine the final cost of replacement marriage certificate. Here’s a closer look at the options:

Standard (£39.95): A budget-friendly option when speed isn’t a priority. The document is dispatched within 10 working days. Remember, the timeframe is measured in working days, so weekends don’t count.

Standard Plus (£64.95): A mid-range option with a faster turnaround. Certificates are dispatched within 5 working days.

Priority Service (£89.95): The premium option when time is of the essence. This fast-tracked service guarantees dispatch within 1-2 working days. Yes, the Priority Service will increase the cost for copy of marriage certificate but if you need a fast turnaround, it’s a worthwhile upgrade.

The value of a hassle-free process

Using a service like UK Official Certificates doesn’t just take the stress out of requesting a copy of a marriage certificate. It also speeds up the process by cross-referencing your information with official database records before the application is sent. This hands-on approach minimises the delays that can arise when manually requesting a marriage certificate. For most people, the convenience more than offsets any copy marriage certificate costs.

Request your marriage certificate copy today

Ultimately, marriage certificate replacement cost with UK Official Certificates isn’t just a financial transaction. It’s an investment in efficiency, accuracy and peace of mind. Considering the importance of the document, a fast and reliable service is worth forking out for.

Why wait any longer to join the pool of more than 300,000 satisfied customers who’ve taken advantage of our competitive marriage licence cost rates? Contact us today on 01706826109  or by email: to find out more about how to order a replacement marriage certificate.

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