Why You Need Your UK Marriage Certificate


Regardless of where you are in the world, a marriage certificate provides legal proof that you are married. It also of your new marital name (your surname). Here we explain eight reasons why you need a copy of your marriage certificate.

Why you need a copy of your marriage certificate

  1. Changing your name on a passport or drivers licence

    If you have taken your spouse’s surname, you will be required to change your name on legal documents, including your passport and drivers licence. Your marriage certificate will clearly show your maiden name, your new surname as well as the official date of your marriage.

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  2. Applying for finance with your spouse

    Banks and lending institutions require proof of identification. They may need your UK Marriage Certificate if you apply for funding such as a personal loan, car or home loan. It helps them to cross-reference when conducting credit history checks. Without your certificate, it may delay your credit application. They also will require your Certificate of Marriage if you are updating an existing account with your new surname.

  3. Health insurance and life insurance policies

    If you submit a health insurance claim, or your spouse dies, you will need your marriage certificate. It saves time when you claim for benefits, coverage as well as a payout.

  4. Medical emergency

    A marriage certificate may also be necessary when major health decisions are necessary if your spouse is not in a capacity to do so.

  5. Changing your legal surname

    If you plan to change your name and are or have been married legally, you will require your marriage certificate to apply. After your name change, you will need to update your marriage certificate.

  6. Confirming your maiden name

    As well as showing your new married name, your Certificate of Marriage shows your legal maiden name. Some applications may require this evidence.

  7. Immigration status

    If you change your immigration status you will need to show legal proof of Marriage

  8. Taxation

    Benefit from tax perks of marriage including marriage allowance along with capital gains tax advantages and inheritance tax.

What is the cost of a Marriage Certificate in the UK?

This cost of a replacement marriage certificate with UK Official Certificates is only £24.95 for standard turnaround. We understand that often you will require your certificate in a hurry. For faster processing and delivery, choose our Standard Plus Service. It offers dispatch within 5 working days for £44.95. Our Priority Service is super fast with dispatch within 1-2 working days and also overnight tracked delivery for £39.95.

We recommend storing your certificate in a filing cabinet or fire-rated safe with other important documents, including your birth certificate and insurance.

What information do you need for a replacement Marriage Certificate?

  • The forename and surname of both parties – required
  • The date as well as the approximate date of marriage
  • Place of marriage – nearest town or city
  • Venue – Church or registry office if known
  • Names of the married parties’ parents

Order a replacement UK marriage certificate

Whatever you need your marriage certificate for, UK Official Certificates makes it quick and easy to obtain. Simply fill in the marriage certificate order form online, choose your service speed, then receive your certified copy in the specified timeframe.

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