Help! I’ve Lost My Son’s/Daughter’s Birth Certificate

Searching for Son's and Daughter’s Lost Birth Certificate

It’s UK law that all births in England, Wales and Northern Ireland must be registered within 42 days of a child being born. Typically, these births will be registered either at the hospital, or at the local registry office for either the area where the baby was born.

Your child will therefore have their own birth certificate. However, if you suddenly find yourself in a panic thinking ‘I’ve lost my son’s/daughter’s birth certificate’, don’t fret. Find out how to order a replacement birth certificate with UK Official Certificates.

Why does my child need a birth certificate?

There are many reasons why you need your child to have a birth certificate. Birth certificates are required when you apply for their passport, and for other activities that require age verification.

Can I apply for a replacement birth certificate on behalf of my child?

You absolutely can order a replacement birth certificate on behalf of someone else (whether they’re your child or not). To do so, you’ll need all of the relevant details and information about the individual on whose behalf you’re applying.

I’ve lost my son’s/daughter’s birth certificate – what should I do?

If you’ve lost your child’s birth certificate, you can order a certified replacement with UK Official Certificates.

In order to order a replacement birth certificate, you’ll need the following information:

  • Place and date of the birth
  • Name, surname, and sex of the child
  • Name, surnames, address, and employment of the child’s parents
  • Mother’s maiden surname
  • Place and dates of parents’ birth

Once you have easy access to this information, you can apply for a certified replacement UK birth certificate for your child.

How to order a replacement birth certificate for my child

As detailed above, when you first register a child’s birth, you’ll likely do so at the local registry office or hospital.

You can order a replacement birth certificate for your child at your local registry office. However, you’re more likely to face long wait times and delays – particularly if you accidentally submit the wrong information with the application.

UK Official certificates have handled over 600,000 applications and helped over 100,000 people obtain replacement birth certificates in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Our online application form for replacement certificates is quick and easy to fill in. Enter the required personal information, select the right speed and service cost for you, and we’ll do the rest.

What’s more, we also cross-reference each application with official databases. This ensures minimal chance of errors and reduces the chance of delays. As such, we’re the fastest way to secure a replacement birth certificate, delivering within our promised timeframe in 99.99% of all applications.

Order a birth certificate for your child today

Have you lost a birth certificate? Order a certified replacement birth certificate for your son or daughter with UK Official Certificates. With over 15 years in the business, we’ll make the process speedy, simple, and stress-free.

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