What Can You Use a Birth Certificate For?


A birth certificate is a vital document. As a primary identification document, you can use your document to obtain other forms of identification such as a drivers licence and also passport. So if you are scratching your head asking, “What is a Birth Certificate used for?” here is a list of some of the top things you can do with it.

What can you use a Birth Certificate for?

Registering for School

It will be a requirement at schools as it is proof of the child’s age. Schools use this information to correctly enrol the child as a student with their same-age peers.

Drivers Licence Application

When you apply for a licence, you will need to present it. Not only is it proof of your identity but also certifies your date of birth.

Birth Certificate for licence


When you plan to get married, you shall need to provide proof of your identity. A Certificate of Birth is a vital document in this instance. In its own right, a Marriage Certificate is an essential document for many reasons, and therefore you need to prove your identity and age before marriage.

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Enrolment in Sports

When you enrol a child in sports, often there are age brackets. Sports Associations implement age brackets, so a child is playing within their age group to help prevent injury from older children. Other groups also may require proof of age when enrolling a child. The certificate provides legal evidence of age.

Birth Certificates for Sport

Overseas Travel

One of the legal requirements, when you apply for a Passport or Visa, is this document. As a matter of fact, a number of cruise ship companies require passengers to provide it when boarding for identification purposes.

Finance & Mortgage Applications

Banks and Finance companies require a certificate as proof of identity as well as the age of the applicant. Also, it is a general requirement to provide your document when opening a new bank account. It can also be required when applying for social security, welfare, pension benefits, as well as a job application.

So when you ask, “What can you use a birth certificate for?” the short answer is a lot. Even though you won’t need to have it in your hip pocket daily, you will need it. You should also remember that as a primary form of your identification, you should always try to store it in a safe place to prevent identity theft.

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