Guide to Ordering a Birth Certificate in the UK

We have put together this helpful guide to ordering a Birth Certificate in the UK to help with the questions you may have.

If you need to order a replacement birth certificate in the UK, you can purchase either a short extract or a full-length version. Many departments also refer to the long version of your birth certificate as the ‘official’ version. It contains the most details about the birth.

The UK Government is phasing out short certificates, and the long full version will be the only document available in the near future. You may need a certified copy of your birth certificate for certain purposes, such as applying for a passport or when you marry. When ordering a birth certificate replacement, fees are payable at the time of placing your order.

What Is on a Full Birth Certificate?

Details about the birth:

  • Place where the birth was registered
  • Registration date of the birth
  • First, (middle) and surname of the baby
  • Birthdate
  • Location of the birth, e.g. – hospital name, etc
  • The date the certificate was produced
  • Government registrar’s signature

Other details:

  • Mother’s full name
  • Father’s full name and occupation (if provided at the time)
  • Signature, residence and description of the informing parties

Does a Birth Certificate Copy Look the Same as the Original?

A certified copy is a duplicate that has been certified by the government as being an accurate representation of the original. Although your certified copy may not look exactly the same as the original, it will contain all of the same information. This makes it just as useful for identification purposes. In fact, an official copy of your birth certificate can be used in lieu of the original. So, if you’re ever in need of an official copy of your birth certificate, don’t worry – a certified copy will do just fine.

The Importance of a Long Format Birth Certificate

A long format birth certificate is a document that provides more information than a short-form birth certificate extract. It is important to have a certified copy of your long format birth certificate when applying for a visa or passport, as well as for school enrolment and some sporting club enrolments. In the United Kingdom, short-form extracts are being systematically phased out in favour of the long format document.

If you are considering an application for an ancestral visa, this document will provide proof of parentage. This will assist in determining your entitlement for residency in so far as ancestral visa applications go. Therefore, it is advisable to obtain a certified copy of your long format birth certificate before applying for an ancestral visa.

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What Do You Need to Order a UK Birth Certificate?

We know that complicated forms can become a nightmare. So we have created a simple, super-fast application form. It is very likely you will know all the information we ask for. Once submitted, our in-house specialist team checks all the data you provide against official database records. This means your submitted application is processed without any errors or delays. If we come across any issue, we will contact you quickly to avoid any delays.

For those who need their duplicate birth certificate in a hurry, we offer a convenient priority service. UK Certificates have assisted over 50,000 customers in obtaining their replacement certificate of birth without the stress of traditional application forms. Let us help you today.

Service Areas

We can provide a government-issued certified copy of birth certificates for all areas of the UK, including, England, Wales, Scotland and also Northern Ireland.

Our Certificate Service offers convenient online ordering, without the need to physically go to a registry office. Our full coverage of cities, towns and villages and their surrounding areas can be found here: View all service locations

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