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Order Online a Replacement Birth Certificate Scotland copy. All Scottish Replacement Certificates of Birth are government issue and certified. Use the replacement certificate for all legal identification purposes. Our fee includes application processing, data matching and error correction, submission as well as delivery. Simply complete the application below as well as the turnaround you need.

How to order your replacement birth certificate

  1. Complete the secure application form
  2. Check the spelling of all names provided
  3. On page two you can select one of three options for the turnaround time you require
  • Standard – we dispatch within ten working days
  • Standard Plus we dispatch within 5 working days
  • Priority we send via overnight post within 1-2 working days

Support for Scottish Replacement Birth Certificates

Do you require help or advice? We offer online email support as well as phone service. Regardless of what it is, you can call our office during business hours. Should our lines be busy, use our online contact form and we respond as fast as possible.

Our Replacement Birth Certificate services cover the whole of Scotland. From Glasgow to Aberdeen, Edinburgh to Dundee. Also, we cover birth certificates in those charming Scottish towns and districts. So no matter where your birth took place in Scotland, we’ve got your back.

Non-UK assistance

Our services for Replacement Birth Certificates also extend to assist overseas clients. We can organise to send your official certificate of birth to your British embassy. Use our specialist phone service if you are outside the UK and need an urgent Replacement Certificate.

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Order online replacement Birth Certificate Scotland

Different Names – One Certificate

There are many names for a Replacement Birth Certificate Scotland. People also refer to it as:

  • Scottish Birth Certificate Copy or Duplicate
  • Duplicate Scottish Birth certificate
  • Copy of Birth Certificate Scotland

All the above are the same document. The document issued is a certified legal document and you can use it for legal and personal identification purposes.

Have you lost your Original Scottish Birth Certificate?  Do you need a certified Scottish birth certificate copy fast? There’s no need to attend a local registry in person. You can now order conveniently online. No need to fight the traffic, find a parking space and wait in line. UK Birth Certificates offer unparalleled service for the replacement of a certificate of birth in any region of Scotland. From the highlands to the coast and everywhere in-between.

The UK Certificates Difference:

If you order at a registry or other replacement service, a slight application error can create a delay. In some cases, it can cause the entire application to be cancelled. Also, you may find the application to be a challenge to complete or hard to understand. So we have changed the process. Our secure online form is uncomplicated and effortless.  Also, we inspect the application thoroughly against other databases to get everything right before we submit it for processing. UK Certificates gives you complete assurance nothing will delay your document turnaround. With ten years of Certificate processing, let our experts get it right for you. All Certificates are Official Government Issued. Use your Certificate Copy as legal proof of identification.