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Many people do not realise how important it is to keep your Certificate of Birth in a safe place. If you have lost it, you can apply online easily for a Replacement Birth Certificate UK. The reason this document is so important is it forms part of your proof of identity. In the United Kingdom, there are some documents which care classed as Primary Identity Documents. Your UK Birth Certificate may be used as a primary document. These are required when you are making an application for something which requires your identity to be validated. These include:

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What does certified copy mean?

A certified copy means that the registry office certifies it as a genuine, authentic copy of your original birth certificate. It is not a photocopy. It is a valid legal document the same as your original birth certificate. You can use your Replacement Birth Certificate UK for identification when applying for opening a bank account, obtaining a mortgage, applying for a licence, as well as enrolling a child at school.

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Here at UK Official Certificates, we are specialists in cutting the red tape and getting your certificate out to you fast. Whether you’ve lost your certificate or damaged it beyond use, we can get a birth certificate copy to you promptly with a choice of service speed options.


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