Can I Order a Birth Certificate for Someone Else?

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There are many reasons you need a birth certificate. Maybe you’re getting married or applying for a driver’s licence, or perhaps you’re registering your child for school or a sport’s team.

You’ll need your child’s birth certificate if you’re planning to enrol them in a number of activities that require age verification, or for official applications such as passports.

With that said, if you suddenly find yourself tipping out boxes in a frantic search for their birth certificate, then don’t panic. It’s easy to order a birth certificate for someone else with UK Official Certificates. Read on to find out more.

What is a birth certificate?

A birth certificate is an official document that records the birth of a person in a particular country.

They come in both long and short versions. You’ll need the long-form version for most official documentation and applications – in fact, the UK government are phasing out the short-form version.

Can I order a birth certificate for someone else?

You can order a replacement birth certificate on behalf of someone else. However, in order to do so, you’ll need all of the relevant details and information about the individual on whose behalf you’re applying.

What do you need to order a replacement birth certificate?

Whether you’re looking to order a replacement birth certificate for yourself or for someone else, you’ll need the same information.

To order a replacement birth certificate, you’ll need the following information:

How do I order a replacement birth certificate?

It is possible to order a replacement birth certificate for yourself or another via your local registry office. However, this can leave you subject to delays and even rejection if there are any errors on submitted applications.

At UK Official Certificates, we cross-reference each application with official databases to ensure minimal errors, meaning that we deliver within our super-fast promised timeframe in 99.99% of applications.

We’ve handled over 600,000 applications and helped over 100,000 people obtain replacement birth certificates in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We know the process like the back of our hand, offer transparent fees, and our proactive team is always on-hand to answer any questions you might have.

Order a birth certificate for yourself or another with UK Official Certificates

Use our contact form to find out how we can help you order a replacement birth certificate for either yourself or another.

Alternatively, kickstart your application today by ordering a replacement document using our simple and speedy online application form. Enter a few personal details, select the service that best suits you, and wait for the certificate to arrive. It’s that easy.

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