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Generally, we realise we can’t find something when we need it the most. So where is that safe place you have put your birth certificate? Cupboard? Bedside dresser? If you have looked exhaustively and are about to tear your hair out, we have the solution. Ordering online is the fastest way to get a UK replacement birth certificate.

Online ordering saves the day

“What is the fastest way to get a replacement birth certificate in the UK?”. If you are asking that question, you can stop searching. Thanks to the internet, many registry offices now offer online ordering. We have taken it one step further. Here at UK Official Certificates, we have streamlined the entire application so you can place your order and know the application will be processed as soon as you finish your order.

With access to many official databases, we can cross-reference your application details. This means that, generally, there are no delays if a minor glitch comes up in the details you submit. If we do need to contact you, we will do it fast, so there are no delays in processing the order.

Replacement Birth Certificate Prices

We have three different service levels. We have a Premium Service for those needing their certificate in a hurry, and two other services for less urgent applications. As you proceed through the order application, you can select which service is right for you. Our commitment is to give you the Fastest Way to get a UK Replacement Birth Certificate.

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Order an Official Certified Birth Certificate Copy

Here at UK Official Certificates, we supply you with a legally certified copy of your birth certificate. You can use it for all financial, legal and other requirements. Order yours online today for a fast turnaround.

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Ordering replacement certificates has never been easier. Over the past 15+ years, UK Official Certificates has helped over 600,000 customers obtain duplicate official documents without difficult paperwork.

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