How to Order an Adoption Birth Certificate

Father And Son Ordering Birth CertificateThere are any number of reasons why you may need a birth certificate. If you’re adopting a child, or are an adopted child, it’s important that you have your adoption birth certificate.

This article will outline what an adoption birth certificate is, and how to order a replacement.

What is an adoption birth certificate?

In the UK, when an adoption takes place, an Adoption Order is issued and confirmed, and the child is then entered into the Adopted Children Register. From there, a new birth certificate is produced in the child’s adoptive name, replacing and superseding the original birth certificate.

This original birth certificate is no longer considered a legal document. It is securely sealed and kept by the General Register Office. Only they and a few select people can then access this document.

This new document is known as an adoption birth certificate. It is a legal document, and confirms both that the adoption has taken place, and the names of the adoptive parents. It also confirms that the adoptive parents are now the legal parents of the child.

You’ll need the adoption certificate in a number of instances, including if you’re applying for your child’s first passport.

What does an adoption birth certificate contain?

An adoption certificate will typically detail the following information:

  • Full adoptive name
  • Date of birth
  • Sex of child
  • Place of birth (if known)
  • Names of adoptive parent(s’)
  • Address and occupation of adoptive parent(s)
  • Date of Adoption Order and entry into Adopted Children Register

How do I order a replacement adoption birth certificate?

You can order a certified replacement of an adoption birth certificate in a number of ways.

Whilst it is possible to order a replacement document via governmental departments, the process can be prone to delays. You may even face rejection in some instances if the listed information is incorrect.

UK Birth Certificates can order you a replacement adoption birth certificate in minutes. Our online application form is super-fast to fill in, and our specialist team will cross-reference all information provided against official databases. This ensures that we catch any errors before submission, allowing your application to speed through the process as quickly as possible.

Depending on how quickly you need the document, we offer three pricing tiers, and can even provide next day dispatch, depending on the time of order.

Order a replacement adoption birth certificate today

UK Official Certificates can order you a replacement adoption birth certificate today.
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