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Order your online Government-certified Replacement Birth Certificate Wales today. Our fees include processing, inhouse data matching, error correction, application submission as well as document delivery. Get started now and have your certified birth certificate in no time at all.

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  • Standard Service is sent out within ten working days
  • Standard Plus Service is sent out within five working days
  • Priority Service is sent by express within 1-2 working days

All priority orders are scheduled for immediate processing.

Support for your Replacement Birth Certificate Wales:

Need some help? We take pride in the service level we offer all our customers. You can get in touch by phone and also email. Use our contact us page so we can assist with you if you need help to Order a Replacement Birth Certificate Wales.

Overseas assistance

Our Replacement Birth Certificate services cover the whole of Wales. If you need a Copy of your Welsh Birth Certificate and are overseas, contact us, and we shall let you know how we can get it to you fast. Also, we work with British Embassies around the world so you can collect it through your local embassy.

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Other Certificate Copies Available include:

Do you need a replacement copy for your lost or misplaced Welsh Birth Certificate? If you were born in Wales, we can get your Birth Certificate Copy quickly without complicated forms or standing in a line at the registry. No need to stress as you fight your way through traffic to find the local registry office

An Online Replacement Service with a Difference:

When you order at a registry or through other replacement services, one minor error can delay the application. It can potentially lead to a cancellation. A lot of the time, our customers say they found other forms too challenging to complete or the entire process too complicated. We have made our application to make it straightforward. Our fees include matching your information against other official databases before submission. In short, our service makes sure everything is correct, and we guarantee it. All certificates are Government Certified. You can use your Duplicate Wales Birth Certificate Copy for legal identification purposes and as well as for personal use.