Top 4 Reasons You Need a Marriage Certificate in the UK


A marriage certificate is more than a piece of paper. You should keep it safe because there are many reasons you may need it in the future. The most obvious reason is that it is proof of your marriage with your husband, wife or life partner. Many institutions also require it as a legal form of identification and as such is a vital legal document in its own right. Here are the main you need a marriage certificate in the UK

Passport and Visa changes

Visa applications require proof of identity as well as proof of marriage. It is a requirement that you would have a drivers licence as well as a marriage certificate. When you are applying to move to another country for temporary or permanent residence, your marriage certificate is generally also required.

Your marriage certificate is necessary documentation when applying to change from your maiden name to your newly married surname.

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Updating Accounts with your name change

Once you have acquired your marriage certificate, you should update your accounts. You should contact and update utility companies, household bills, bank accounts, your home and car insurance company, business insurer, health insurer as well as life policy insurer. Also, you should update your driver’s licence as soon as possible. You will need your UK Marriage certificate to carry out such updates.

Divorce and Adoption Application

If you are applying for divorce or adoption, you shall require a marriage certificate copy. It is a requirement in the UK that the marriage exists for one year before applying for divorce. When applying you need to show your marriage is a legally binding marriage and that you are a permanent resident in the UK. To prove the validity of your union is easily achieved by supplying a copy of your UK Marriage certificate.

Applying for Finance

When you apply for finance in your own right or as a couple, you may need to supply a copy of your Certificate of Marriage.

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