Marriage Certificate – How to Change Passport Details in the UK

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It’s a common question about marriage certificates – how do you change passport details in the UK?

If you have legally changed your name in the United Kingdom, you must update your travel passport to reflect the changes. So, if you change your surname when you get married, you will have to update your passport.  Updating your passport is important not only for identification purposes but also to ensure that you can travel without any problems.:

  • Your name
  • Gender change
  • Your appearance – in the event your appearance has changed (for example, due to plastic surgery) and you may not be recognised when compared to your passport photo.

After you get married, your next task is to update your name change details with the relevant authorities and businesses. Once you have the marriage certificate, you can then begin the process of changing your name. You will need to provide proof of your name change to businesses and organisations, such as your employer, bank and doctor. In most cases, a copy of your marriage certificate will suffice. It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to change your name if you don’t want to – it’s entirely up to you. However, if you do decide to change your name, updating your name change details is a straightforward process that shouldn’t take too much time or effort..

When can you get a passport update?

Apply for passport change before the ceremony

The application can be made in your new name up to 3 months before your civil partnership ceremony or marriage ceremony. The UK government will issue you with a post-dated passport that you shall not use until after your ceremony takes place. This will allow you to go on the honeymoon without complications, having everything in order. Your old passport will be cancelled.

It is important to do your homework first. Some countries will not issue travel visas for post-dated passports. So, check with the embassy or consulate before booking flights.

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Apply for passport change with marriage certificate after the ceremony

After the civil partnership/marriage ceremony has taken place, you can use your marriage certificate to apply to renew or obtain a new passport. Complete the application form for a new passport. Once the application is complete, you attach your marriage certificate and send it all together.

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What form will I need to complete?

The religious minister or registrar who is conducting the ceremony shall sign off on the document your send to the Passport office. The document you need to complete is Passports for newlyweds and civil partners.

We hope this article on Marriage Certificate – How to change passport details UK has helped with the questions you may have had.

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