Apostille stamps for UK documents.


What is an Apostille stamp?

The Apostille stamp is essentially a legalisation stamp which proves a document’s authenticity, it confirms that a signature, stamp or raised seal  on a public document is indeed genuine.


Typical reasons an Apostille stamp would be required.

You might be planning to marry abroad, buying an overseas property, planning to work abroad or conducting business transactions, in these instances it would be usual that officials would request the Apostille stamp.

You will only need to have one added to your certificate if you intend to use it overseas and have specifically been told to obtain one by a foreign official.


Types of documents we can assist with.

UK Certificates can assist with obtaining an Apostille stamp for all UK Birth, Marriage, Death and Adoption certificates.


What you will receive.

You will receive a paper based apostille stamp attached to the back of your UK Certifiacte, it will be signed by the issuer and carries the embossed FCDO seal.


Processing times and delivery.

Currently Apostille stamps have a wait time of 20 working days, UK Certificates arranges for your certificate and apostille to be sent back to you via a UK courier or DHL if residing overseas.



Paper based Apostille stamp sent back to a UK address: £79

Paper based Apsotille stamp sent back to an international address £95


Order your apostille with the following Certificates:


Worldwide Births

UK Births

Regional UK Births

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