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Here at UK Adoption Certificate Replacements, we specialise in fast processing of your certified adoption document. Your adoption certificate can also be known as your adoption record. Our simple online application allows you to apply for a Government issue adoption certificate without the hassle of attending a registry in person.

We service and deliver to all major UK cities, hamlets, villages and towns below as well as their surrounding areas.


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How much does a UK Replacement Adoption Certificate Cost?

The cost of our professional replacement service covers all the below:

  • Cross referencing your data provided
  • Correction of any error prior to submitting your application
  • Cost of Royal Mail delivery to your nominated address

We have no hidden fees or charges.

Cost for a Certified Adoption Certificate Copy


The easiest way to get a copy of your UK Adoption Certificate!

In the UK, similar to other official certificates, your adoption certificate is an important identification document. If you have lost your UK Adoption Certificate we can help you organise an official government replacement. Simply complete our straight forward, no-hassle online application form and we do the rest. Our price includes data matching and correction if required to ensure that the application is correct. This prevents anything from slowing down the processing of your submitted application.

Reasons you need a copy of your UK Adoption Certificate:

Like other certificates such as birth, death or marriage certificate, your Duplicate Certificate of Adoption has many uses. Primarily these are:

  • A replacement for your original birth certificate
  • Passport application
  • Opening a bank account as well as joint bank account
  • Applying for a government pension
  • Social security application
  • Obtaining an employer ID
  • Getting a drivers licence
  • Visa and Immigration applications
  • Applying for divorce

As mentioned it is a good idea to keep your certificate safe as it is a primary form of identification. However, if you have misplaced or lost your Adoption record we can get it replaced without the headache.

 Fast results with no stress:

We hear it time and time again, local registry offices reject applications for the smallest of errors. This leads to the additional waiting time for the document.

Also, other replacement service companies will locate a document copy for you but require you to send them supporting documents. We understand all of this can be both frustrating especially if you are time-poor.

So based on the feedback from our customers, we make the whole application process as simple as possible. You complete our straight forward online adoption certificate application. Once received, we double-check all data you supply to ensure nothing slows down document processing. Our team of experienced professionals have over a decade in the expertise of UK replacement death certificates. So we know exactly what ticks all the boxes for fast processing.

How much is a UK Adoption Certificate?

Because many records may not still be computerised, at this time we only offer one service level for Applications for a Replacement Adoption Certificate.

  • £69.95 – Priority Service – mailed within 1-2 working days in 99% of instances.

We use Royal Mail special delivery as our preferred delivery service for your documentation. So it will arrive on time as well as in perfect condition.