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Have you lost or misplaced your Wales Birth Certificate? Order online at UK Birth Certificates a fully certified Wales Replacement Birth Certificate Copy and have it delivered super fast. We are the specialists in fast, hassle-free Replacement Birth Certificates for all areas of Wales. Our streamlined order form makes your application easy, fast as well as hassle-free.

Certified Wales Birth Certificate Copy

All birth certificate copies at UK Birth Certificates are certified as an official replacement of your original archived certificate. You can use them for all legal matters and also family use.

Quick Service and Delivery

We understand when you apply for a Replacement Birth Certificate Wales, you need it for an important reason. We prioritise your application to offer the fastest turnaround and delivery. That starts with our simplified application process. With many agencies, one tiny mistake can cause delays or even the cancellation of your order. If we find an error, we can generally correct it in-house with our cross-referencing against official databases. We take pride to go that extra step to get your certified birth certificate duplicate out to you as quickly as possible. Additionally, our fees cover any additional work required.

We send all certificates with Royal Mail. Order confidently and know you will receive the document within the quoted time frame for each service level. If we can despatch it faster, we will always do so. For priority orders, we use Royal Mail special delivery signature service. So if you are in a rush and need your Duplicate Birth Certificate fast, we make sure it happens.

Simple, fast replacement birth certificate processing

As can be seen below, when we say we have made the process streamlined and simple, we meant it. All we require as a minimum to locate an entry is:

  • Place of birth in Wales (or area in Wales)
  • Full name at birth including all middle names
  • Full date of birth for those born within the last 50 years, if over 50 years ago the year will suffice
  • Mothers full name including all middle names
  • Fathers full name if named on the certificate at the time of registration including all middle names

Two types of Birth Certificates available

  • You may choose from a
  • Full Replacement Birth certificate
  • Short Replacement Birth certificate

A long (complete) birth certificate contains your full name, sex, date and place of birth as well as mothers current details and maiden name. It also includes your father’s full name if the information was available at the time of registration.

A short birth certificate contains only the full name, sex, date and place of birth. It does not provide the name or details of the mother or father.


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Contact UK Official Birth Certificates

You can call us from within or outside the UK; we’re always happy to help you with questions about ordering your Wales Replacement Birth Certificate Copy. Also, you can fill out our secure online contact form here.

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