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Ordering a Republic of Ireland Replacement Marriage Certificate has never been easier. Complete your application for a Certificate of Marriage replacement within minutes. Once we receive your application we check all details are correct before submission. We also offer a priority service for urgent applications. No mistakes. No delays. And that’s a guarantee. 

You choose the service speed you need

On Page two of the application you can choose the speed you need your document.

We offer three service levels from super fast 1-2 day priority dispatch to standard service level within 2 weeks. You only pay for the time you need the turnaround.

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Please supply as much information as possible to speed up the order process, if you do not know the information for the required fields please enter "unknown". Please note to ensure that orders process smoothly you will need to input all names correctly, ie all first and middle names with the correct spelling where known.
If you do not know the exact date enter an approximate day/month/year.
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Marriage Certificate Replacement made easy!

UK Certificates has served the Republic of Irland for over 10 years. We have processed over 300,000 fast replacement certificates. Our professional team knows all the ins and outs of applying for a certificate. It’s not just our expertise that sets us apart. Unlike other companies, we cross-reference all applications with official databases. So we can fix any errors before submitting. In short, it’s almost guaranteed to be accepted for a swift return.

Order a replacement marriage certificate the smart way

Have you lost your original marriage certificate? Don’t worry. We are the specialists in Marriage Certificate Replacement. Also, we have made the whole process fast as well as simple. Since 2008, we have helped thousands of customers in across the Republic of Ireland order a replacement certificate of marriage.

You don’t need to send us anything!

Unlike other agencies, we don’t need you to send us other documents or forms of ID. We ask for a few simple details which we cross-reference with official databases. Application is done. It’s that simple.

You choose the priority

With three service levels, you decide how fast you need your certified marriage certificate? You only pay for what you need. You choose the level of speed as well as the turnaround.

Three service levels to meet your needs :

  • Standard  – dispatched within ten working days
  • Standard Plus – dispatched within five working days
  • Priority – sent within 1-2 working days

Priority orders jump to the top of the list, and we assume you need your marriage certificate yesterday.

What happens next?

When you Order a Replacement Marriage Certificate, we make sure we complete the process in the quoted time frame as well as with the fastest possible turnaround. Your official marriage certificate copy will be sent securely by Royal Mail to make sure it gets to you on time as well as in perfect condition. Rest assured, we will provide replacements in the rare case of poor-quality documents. Also, we offer a full refund if we can’t fulfil your order.

If you have any questions contact us to discuss your Replacement Marriage Certificate further.

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