Cardiff Death Certificate

UK Certificates offer 3 levels of turnaround plus one of the simplest applications online. Order your Certified Copy of Cardiff Death certificate today.

How to obtain a Cardiff Death Certificate Copy

Thanks to our speedy, professional service it has never been easier to order a duplicate death certificate. If the death occurred and was registered in Cardiff, simply complete our simple, no-fuss online application form and we get cracking.  Our service fees include:

  1. Checking your application for any errors and correcting them to avoid delays
  2. Monitoring the application to ensure it is progressing in a timely manner
  3. Commitment to getting the document to you within the time frame we state or earlier.

No longer do you have to find a parking space and spend time waiting in line at the registry office. Gone are those days. With over 10 years assisting customers to obtain their certified documents, we have the expertise to make sure your application is submitted quickly and without delay.

Reasons to order through UK certificates?

Transparent prices

You choose the service level that fits your needs. We cover all work in our fee schedule below. Also, we cover the cost of any calls we make as well as the time to call you if we need to. Our focus is to ensure the delivery of a Government Certified document within our time frames.

  • Standard – leaves us within 10 working days £22.95
  • Standard Plus – leaves us within 5 working days £39.95
  • Priority – leaves within 1-2 working days by overnight express £69.95

Save yourself time & frustration

There are many benefits of ordering through UK Certificates.

  1. Save time by not having to attend a registry in person
  2. Our application is self-explanatory, fast to complete as well as super easy
  3. Unlike other companies, you do not need to send us scans or copies of any supporting documentation

See why over 50,000 customers throughout the United Kingdom trust UK Certificates to get a replacement death certificate. If you have any questions about our Cardiff Replacement Death Certificate service or any other service we have please contact us.

Why you may need a Cardiff Death Certificate Replacement.

  1. You have lost your original and require a certified copy of the original
  2. Closing bank accounts as well as other financial accounts
  3. Estate matters
  4. Legal matters
  5. Obtaining a pension or benefits
  6. Life insurance claim

The above represent the main reasons you will require a Certified Copy of a Death certificate. There are many other reasons you may require this document. So it is important to keep it in a safe place as well as in good condition.

We go the extra mile

We are happy to answer all your questions

Our staff ensure the application is correct in detail before we submit it

We try to excel in prompt delivery of your certified document in perfect condition. Also, if you need assistance contact us via phone or email for priority assistance.

If in the event you need to visit in person a registry office, use the registry locator service to find your nearest office.