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UK Official Certificates services almost all areas of the UK. If the death was recorded in Wales, England, Scotland as well as Northern Ireland we can supply a fast replacement death certificate. Certificates of Death can also be known as a Death Record. As a spouse or family member, you may need are a copy of an official Death Certificate UK for legal purposes. Reasons for having a death certificate copy may include access to pension benefits as well as closing bank accounts. Life insurance claims, settling Wills and Estates also require a Certificate of Death. If you are remarrying as a widow then you will need a Death Certificate Copy. Was the death recorded by a physician in a location other than below? Jump to our main Online UK Death Certificate Order Form.

We understand that you require a death certificate in a timely manner. Please view our Prices page which outlines the turnaround service levels we have. Priority Service is available.

Our service areas include all major cities, towns, villages, hamlets below as well as their surrounding areas.

The easiest way to get a copy of Death Certificate UK

Dealing with the death of a loved one is trying at the best of times. Emotionally, it is overwhelming as well as an exhausting time.  Adding to your mountain of things to do, you will require an official UK death certificate for a number of purposes to prove the deceased has passed.

Reasons you need a Copy of a Death Certificate:

  • Life insurance
  • Access to pension funds
  • Closure of bank accounts as well as other joint accounts
  • To remarry as a widow.

Although it should be kept in a safe place, it is easy for the death certificate to be lost with everything going on. If you have misplaced one yourself, there’s no need to worry. UK Certificates have made the whole application easy. Also, we are happy to do the legwork for you. Let our office take the stress and worry off your plate today.

 Top results with minimal effort:

Depending on where you go, applying for a replacement birth certificate can be quite an ordeal. Registry offices have a habit of rejecting applications out of hand for the smallest of errors. This can lead to the additional wait time of your important document.

Also, there are companies which will locate a copy of the document for you. However, many of these insist on you providing vast amounts of information. Locating the passport, driving license and other documents belonging to one who has passed. We understand all of this can be tricky as well as traumatic.

That’s why we have made the application as easy for you as possible. We don’t require any of that fussing or fretting. We track down the information we need through our access to official database information. Essentially, we do the hard work for you. Once we have all the information we need, it is double-checked to ensure nothing slows down your application processing. Our team of experienced professionals have over a decade in the expertise of UK replacement death certificates. So we know exactly what ticks all the boxes for fast processing.

How long for a UK Death Certificate?

Depending on how quickly you need the replacement, we can offer a level of service to meet your needs. There are three to choose from:

  • Standard – mailed within 10 working days
  • Standard Plus – mailed within 5 working days
  • Priority – mailed within 1-2 working days

You only need to pay for the service which you require. With the Royal Mail as our preferred courier, your documentation will be with you on time as well as in good condition.


Death Certificate United Kingdom