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A death certificate is a very important document which you will need both before the funeral takes place as well as for legal affairs after the funeral. If you have lost the Portsmouth Death Certificate of your loved one, don’t despair. We can replace it fast. UK Certificates takes all the stress out of applying for a Portsmouth Death Certificate. All you need to do is complete our simplified application form. Our fees also cover dedicated data cross-referencing against official databases to ensure the application is correct before lodgement. By doing this, our service ensures nothing holds up the processing of your application. Throughout the United Kingdom, you will require the death certificate for life insurance claims, changes to and closure of joint financial accounts as well as joint loans. A Certified death certificate copy is also needed to apply for government pensions.

Many people lose the death certificate due to the stressful time a death causes. We have helped thousands of UK customers just like you to obtain a legally Government Certified Death Certificate without delays.

Reasons to order a death certificate through us?

  • Your one-off payment covers all cross-referencing to correct details before lodging application
  • We are experts in replacement death certificates with 10 years in the industry.
  • Guaranteed government-issued certified document
  • Use the duplicate death certificate for estate, personal, financial and legal matters
  • Polite, understanding customer support
  • Three levels of service

Easy, clear prices:

  • Standard Service – sent from us within 10 working days £22.95
  • Standard Plus Service – sent from us within 5 working days £39.95
  • Priority Service – sent within 1-2 working days by overnight express £69.95

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