Westminster Death Certificate

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You will need a copy of the Westminster Death Certificate after the funeral for many reasons. Legal, financial as well as personal. If you have lost the certificate of death or its missing we can help painlessly replace it with a legal, certified copy. Our service specalises in the fast, simple replacement of a Westminster Certificate of death.

Why you need a Certified Westminster Death Certificate


  • to proceed with cremation or burial
  • it is a legal document required for a funeral insurance payout


  • legal proof of death for claims such as life insurance
  • Proof of death to amend or close joint bank accounts
  • Estate matters
  • Claiming a government benefit or pension
  • Updating financal details

Simple fast ordering with 5 star service

  • No standing in line
  • We don’t need any other supporting documents from you
  • encrypted online order form
  • Over 10 years in expert replacement certificate service
  • 100% government issue certified documents
  • fully trained support team
  • Our price includes verification and correction of details to make certain nothing holds up your application.
  • Three different service levels – pay for the speed you require the certificate.

Simple prices with no hidden fees:

  • Standard Turnaround – sent from us within 10 working days £22.95
  • Standard Plus Turnaround – sent from us within 5 working days £39.95
  • Priority Turnaround – sent within 1-2 working days by overnight express £69.95

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