Revised Marriage Certificates in England & Wales Feature Mothers’ Names


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Prior to May 2021, mothers’ names on marriage certificates were not included. In early May 2021, however, the Home Office introduced the biggest reforms to the marriage registration system since 1837.

The introduction of these changes responded to an urgent need to modernise and digitise the system, as well as make it more secure overall and help to clear a backlog of registration. Previously, marriages were registered by couples signing a register book, of which there were some 84,00. These books were then held at register offices, as well as registered religious premises, including churches and chapels.

Mothers’ names – of both the groom and bride – are now included on the marriage certificate. Prior to this, it was only the names of the father or stepfather of both parties registered on marriage certificates in England and Wales. The practice of listing both parents’ names on marriage certificates was already in place in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Do I need to replace my marriage certificate?

If you were married before this change of law in May 2021, your marriage certificate most likely won’t list either party’s mother’s name. However, this does not mean that you have to apply for another marriage certificate.

If you’ve lost or misplaced your marriage certificate, or if you’re applying for a certified copy, then you will need to include details of both mothers’ names on the new or certified replacement certificate.

How do I apply for a new or certified replacement marriage certificate?

UK Official Certificates have helped over 300,000 people secure a certified replacement marriage certificate. Our online application form is super easy to fill in – you just have to provide us with details including the names and surnames of both parties, as well as details of the marriage.

From there, you choose one of our three tiers of services, depending on how quickly you need your certificate, and complete the form.

We’ll double-check your application for any mistakes by using official UK databases. If we notice any errors, we’ll correct them, as well as fill in any blank spaces. This means you’re less likely to face any time-consuming delays. We don’t require you to provide any additional documents or ID either. The only information we need is what we request via our online form.

Your application will be processed as quickly as possible, and always in the timeframe for your service level. Your certificate will then be securely sent with Royal Mail, letting you rest easy.

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If you are wondering about how to order a replacement marriage certificate, never fear, it’s easier than you thought. Contact UK Official Certificates today on 01706826109 or email us on to find out how we can help.

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