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Atherstone: A Historical and Vibrant Community

Located in the heart of Warwickshire, Atherstone is steeped in history and local culture. The town is known for its long-standing market and vibrant community events, reflecting its rich heritage.

Atherstone plays host to a diverse arts scene and frequent community festivals, drawing both locals and visitors alike. The local food offerings are vast, from traditional English fare to more exotic tastes, reflecting the town’s cultural diversity. With such a rich tapestry of history and modernity, Atherstone remains a lively and welcoming community.

Birth Trends in Atherstone: Recent Insights

Recent data from 2019 and 2020 offers valuable insights into birth trends in Atherstone, showing a slight decline in birth numbers, consistent with wider national trends. This section provides a thorough exploration of the shifts in demographics and fertility rates, illustrating the evolving nature of Atherstone’s population.

Total Births:

  • In 2020: 410 live births
  • In 2019: 522 live births
  • Decrease: 1.8%


The trend in Atherstone aligns with the national decrease in birth rates since 2012. Predictions indicate a recovery in birth numbers, potentially exceeding the numbers observed in 2016 by 2038. The town has seen a rise in births to older mothers and a noticeable number of births to mothers born outside the UK, showcasing Atherstone’s diverse demographics.

A canal barge near Atherstone

Why Opt for Us for Your Atherstone Birth Certificate Replacement?

UK Official Certificates has over 15 years of experience assisting people from Atherstone and surrounding areas in obtaining their birth certificates, with more than 3000 applications processed. Our thorough review process ensures minimal issues and delays, which can be common during the process, ensuring prompt and reliable service.

Our Expert Support Team is Ready to Help

Do you need help with your application? Our customer service team is committed to assisting you. Reach out by phone or email, assured that we handle all communication locally—no outsourcing. We ensure quick responses during business hours. For inquiries after hours, our online contact form provides an immediate solution.

Replacement Birth Certificate FAQs for Atherstone

Have questions about how to proceed? View our FAQs or contact us at or 0800 0025542 for more detailed information.

  • What are your Delivery Estimates?

We offer three dispatch options to accommodate your timeline: Standard (within 10 working days), Standard Plus (within 5 working days via first-class post), and Priority (next business day via Royal Mail Special Delivery). Orders placed after 2:30 pm are processed on the next business day.

  • How Do I Get a Electronic PDF Birth Certificate Copy?

Order your birth certificate online using our fastest service. Once received, it’s easy to convert your paper certificate into a PDF for your records.

  • Is A Same Day Replacement Birth Certificate Possible?

In the UK, including Atherstone, same-day birth certificate replacements are not available. However, our priority service ensures delivery on the next business day via Royal Mail Special Delivery, for the quickest possible turnaround.

  • Can I Order an Adoption Birth Certificate Through You?

Indeed, our efficient online service handles requests for replacement adoption birth certificates with precision and speed, offering next-day dispatch where possible.

  • What is the Cost for a Full Birth Certificate Copy?

Obtaining a full birth certificate starts at just £22.95 for the standard service, with a faster priority service available at £69.95.

For more information on the costs, please refer to our detailed guide on the price of obtaining a birth certificate in the UK.

  • What Certificate Versions do you Provide?

We issue the comprehensive, long version of the birth certificate, which is necessary for a wide array of official functions, including school enrolment, passport applications, and visa submissions.

For more information about the differences between short and long birth certificates, please visit our website.

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