What Is the Cost of a Birth Certificate in the UK?


Many people ask, What is the cost of a Birth Certificate in the UK?  In the UK, the price of a replacement certificate depends on many factors. The obvious one is the cost of the document. If ordering online, the total cost may include different delivery services. What we mean is whether you choose a standard turnaround or a priority service. Some companies also charge for additional fees, work carried out as well as other charges. So in that respect, the place you order your certificate from can make a big difference in how much you pay. Our fees are clear from the start—no hidden extras. We offer every customer 5-star service with fully transparent prices.

Here at UK Official Certificates, you know upfront how much each service is.

How much is a Birth Certificate

Our prices include the cost of the Replacement Certificate of Birth as well as delivery.

  • £22.95 for our Standard Service. We use Royal Mail standard class. Approximate turn around is 12 – 14 days.
  • £39.95 for our Standard Plus service. Estimated turn around of 5 days by Royal Mail.
  • £69.95 is our Top Priority Service. Superfast Next day despatch (subject to time of ordering).

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Why do I need a Birth certificate?

An official birth certificate is often a requirement when registering at a school as well as other supplementary identification. It ensures the school places the child in the correct class for the child’s age.

Also, you may be required to provide a certificate as part of your identification when applying for a drivers licence. The document helps to prove your identity as well as age.

Other times a Birth Certificate may be required is:

  • Applying for a passport
  • Application at University
  • Obtaining a National Insurance Number
  • Job application
  • Opening a bank account
  • To get finance or a loan.

Your birth certificate is not only a form of identification but a vital document for multiple purposes. It would be best if you always stored it in a safe and secure location. Try not to put it in that ‘safe place’ you never remember the location of. We recommend buying a small fireproof home safe. Also, you can purchase small fireproof lockboxes. Remember, this document helps prove your identity, and you should protect it for your security.

Need a replacement birth certificate?

Losing your birth certificate can be a hassle. It can prevent you from accessing important government services, applying for jobs, or even opening a bank account. Order your Replacement Birth Certificate now!

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