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Generally, we realise we can’t find something when we need it the most. So where is that safe place you have put your birth certificate? Cupboard? Bedside dresser? If you have looked exhaustively and are about to tear your hair out, we have the solution. Ordering online is the fastest way to get a UK… Continue reading »

Top 4 Reasons You Need a Marriage Certificate in the UK A marriage certificate is more than a piece of paper. You should keep it safe because there are many reasons you may need it in the future. The most obvious reason is that it is proof of your marriage with your husband, wife or… Continue reading »

Regardless of where you are in the world, a marriage certificate provides legal proof that you are married. It also of your new marital name (your surname). Here we explain eight reasons why you need a copy of your marriage certificate.

For most people, the wedding day plans have been in thought for months or years, with obsession over venues, bridal gowns, guests as well as food. So much goes into the detailing. For others, marriage is a simple way to formalise the partnership that requires no more than essentials. Regardless of how you plan your… Continue reading »

Many people ask, What is the cost of a Birth Certificate in the UK?  In the UK, the price of a replacement certificate depends on many factors. The obvious one is the cost of the document. If ordering online, the total cost may include different delivery services. What we mean is whether you choose a… Continue reading »

France Rejects UK Same-Sex Marriage Modern Britain boasts an increasing number of international families, with a great mix of different nationalities and cultures. But what happens when these families move abroad?

Why Are Mothers’ Names Not on Marriage Certificates? With over 250,000 marriages every year, there are plenty of proud parents celebrating the wedding of their children. When it comes to the legal documentation, you’d think both parents would have equal input, right?

Is Adult Adoption Possible in the UK? Are you considering adult adoption? There are over 5000 cases of adoption in the Uk annually. Adoption provides much-needed families for children who can’t live with their birth parents. But, what about adults that want to be adopted? Is Adult Adoption Possible in the UK?  Read on to… Continue reading »