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We have put together this helpful guide to ordering a Birth Certificate in the UK to help with the questions you may have. If you need to order a replacement birth certificate in the UK, you can purchase either a short extract or a full-length version. Many departments also refer to the long version of… Continue reading »

There are many reasons you may want or need a Certificate of Death in the United Kingdom. Here is a list of the Top Reasons for a UK death certificate…

All replacement birth certificates ordered through UK Certificates are government-issued official documents. You can use these as identification, as well as for other purposes…

It’s a very common question. For those going through the loss of a loved one for the first time, there is no handbook or step by step guide of what to do. We are constantly asked, “Do you need a Death Certificate for a funeral in UK?”. To help you, we have tried to answer… Continue reading »

Our definitive Guide to Birth, Death, Marriage & Adoption Certificate Replacement in the UK will help you better understand the process. We’ll cover all the burning questions you might have about replacing birth, death, marriage and adoption certificates. There’s more to the process than meets the eye. Each type of document applied for has its… Continue reading »

The uncertainty of Brexit has led to a drop in the UK Passport position on the Henley passport rankings. The 2019 Henley results show Singapore as well as Japan leading the list of the most powerful passports. After the 2016 Brexit referendum, there has been a jump in the number of Brits applying for EU… Continue reading »

Imagine being able to study, travel or work in Australia without restrictive Visa conditions. Such freedom of movement may become a reality. A new proposed deal between the UK and Australia may make it a whole lot easier to live and work in both countries without a visa.

A birth certificate is a vital document. As a primary identification document, you can use your document to obtain other forms of identification such as a drivers licence and also passport. So if you are scratching your head asking, “What is a Birth Certificate used for?” here is a list of some of the top… Continue reading »

Birth Certificate Application Guide It is a requirement in the UK that you record a new birth with the local registry within 42 days. Many hospitals do this for you but do check. In the case of home birth, you may have to visit your local registry in person. If you want to obtain a… Continue reading »

Many people do not realise how important it is to keep your Certificate of Birth in a safe place. If you have lost it, you can apply online easily for a Replacement Birth Certificate UK. The reason this document is so important is it forms part of your proof of identity. In the United Kingdom,… Continue reading »