France Rejects UK Same-Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage

Modern Britain boasts an increasing number of international families, with a great mix of different nationalities and cultures. But what happens when these families move abroad?

With Brexit on the horizon, many people are choosing to jump ship – and facing complications as a result. The latest issue is with same-sex marriage certificates.

Read on to find out about France’s controversial ruling.

France rejects UK same-sex marriage: What does this mean?

Changes to law

Marriage offers couples in the UK social as well as legal rights. In 2013, this was also afforded to same-sex couples, after the historic Marriage – Same-Sex Couples Act.

The new Marriage, Same-Sex Couples Act, allowed passage for England and Wales to make same-sex marriage lawful. It also allowed civil partners to convert their partnership into a legal marriage without the need for a ceremony. So same-sex couples may backdate their marriage certificates as if it existed from the date of the original civil partnership.

It was a momentous occasion for many and also a big step forward. However, international marriage laws for same-sex couples still cause difficulties.

Uncertainty after Brexit

As Brexit negotiations continue, many people are uncertain about their future in the UK. Some couples who fear Brexit are looking for a new international home. Some countries do not afford the same rights for same-sex couples. Also, there are many countries where same-sex unions are not even recognised or are illegal. Therefore, relocation could cause serious problems.

It’s already an issue in France, for instance, where the French government have said that English same-sex marriages will be invalid under French law, in cases of civil partnerships converted to marriages. The lack of ceremony and witnesses, mean the French government don’t recognise the new marriage certificate as lawful.

Those who converted their partnerships will, therefore, come across bureaucratic restraints. For many couples, this is a distressing prospect. It will also affect same-sex parents of adopted children. As making marriages invalid could have an uncertain impact on their child’s legal status.

The disparity in-laws across Europe means that many same-sex couples are facing an ambiguous future if they choose to leave Britain.

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