Is Adult Adoption Possible in the UK?


Are you considering adult adoption? There are over 5000 cases of adoption in the Uk annually. Adoption provides much-needed families for children who can’t live with their birth parents. But, what about adults that want to be adopted? Is Adult Adoption Possible in the UK?  Read on to understand how adult adoption works in the UK.

Why someone may consider adult adoption

Not all families and childhoods are straightforward. For some adults, they may never be fortunate enough to experience the care of a parental figure until after they are over 18 years of age. On the other hand, an adult may have finally found an adult who by all other measures, feels like their own child. At this point, these adults may mutually like to create a formal name for this parental relationship in the form of adult adoption.

Formal adult adoption is also commonly sought for inheritance purposes. This may make the process of leaving assets to the adopted adult easier. Other reasons include giving each family member rights to insurance, hospital visitation and a legal say in important health matters where a diminished capacity develops.

Is adult adoption possible in the UK?

At this point, Adult Adoption in the UK is not easily possible. The reason for this is that current laws do not allow for the adoption of people over the age of 18. Unfortunately, many young adults do not realise that this is the case until it is too late.

If you are looking to formalise your relationship, there are other options you can look into. These include changing your surname, so you both share the same surname, chatting with a legal adviser regarding Health and welfare lasting power of attorney or a Property and financial affairs lasting power of attorney.

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Will the law relating to adult adoption change?

Despite campaigns, the government appear uninterested in making changes to current adoption laws. Why? The current legislation affords protection and safeguards for children, rather than adults. Adults are advised to take up other channels – such as provisions in wills for inheritance purposes if they want similar legal rights.

Currently, America, Japan and also Germany offer adult adoption. This may be granted to an adult if it is by someone who has fulfilled the role of a parent. Looking to the future, it’s certainly possible that the UK law will fall in line with other systems. For now, adults will have to continue to gain legitimacy through different routes.

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