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Ordering a fully certified long version copy of your Aberdare Birth Certificate Replacement has never been easier, quicker or hassle free. If yours is lost or you simply need a recent copy we can help.

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Situations Where Obtaining a Duplicate Aberdare Birth Certificate Copy is Essential

Common instances include applying for or renewing passports, seeking employment, enrolling in schools or nurseries, entering into house buying or tenancy agreements, and making pension or benefit claims.


Authentic Replacement Aberdare Birth Certificate Copy

When you choose UK Certificates for your order, rest assured that the document is not only valid for all legal purposes within the UK but also serves as a legitimate and certified copy of your Aberdare replacement birth certificate, making it ideal for family history research.


Details Typically Included on an Aberdare Birth Certificate

The birth certificate usually contains essential information such as the child’s gender, complete name, birth date, and location. If the parents were present during registration, their names are also included. Additionally, the document includes details like the parents’ occupations, address at the time of birth, and the registrar’s name and signature.

Years Available for Ordering

You have the option to order registrations from 1837 to the present day, recognising that birth registration was not mandatory until 1875.


What You Will Receive

Upon ordering, you will be provided with a complete certified long version Aberdare Birth Certificate Replacement, also known as extracts sourced from the film images in the archives. These are not photocopies; rather, you will receive a freshly printed certificate with a new issue date prominently displayed.


Efficient Processing

Our access to pertinent databases enables us to swiftly address any potential issues, ensuring a prompt resolution without unnecessary delays. In the rare event that a problem arises, we commit to promptly contacting you to collaboratively find a resolution.


Your Replacement Birth Certificate Order Matters

We recognise the significance of your birth certificate replacement order. Our online process is meticulously designed for simplicity from initiation to completion. Unlike other services that may overlook errors leading to delays or cancellations, we exercise utmost care and attention to ensure the success of your certified birth certificate copy order.


International Acceptance of Your Aberdare Birth Certificate

Yes, your Aberdare birth certificate is generally accepted abroad. However, specific requirements can vary by country, and it’s advisable to check with the relevant authorities in the destination country to confirm their regulations. To enhance international acceptance, you might consider obtaining an apostille or legalisation, depending on the destination country’s requirements. Feel free to reach out to our support team for guidance on meeting any additional documentation needs for international use.


Efficient UK Delivery Process

Our delivery service relies on Royal Mail, and the specific timescales for each service level are provided during the ordering process. Whenever feasible, we strive to dispatch orders ahead of the quoted timescale. Opting for our priority option ensures next working day delivery, ideal for urgent situations, guaranteeing the swift arrival of your Replacement Birth Certificate copy Aberdare.


Timely Delivery Worldwide

For international orders with our priority service, we offer a tracked DHL delivery to ensure secure and efficient shipment. The standard and standard plus options, on the other hand, come with standard airmail delivery for overseas addresses. This ensures that, regardless of your location, your Replacement Aberdare Birth Certificate copy will be delivered in a timely manner with the specified delivery method.


If you have a new born child that needs to be registered click here for useful information.

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