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Aberdeen: A City of Rich History and Culture

Aberdeen, the Granite City, stands out for its historical significance and cultural richness. Known for its majestic granite architecture, Aberdeen hosts numerous cultural institutions, including the Aberdeen Art Gallery and the Aberdeen Performing Arts. The city is also famed for its vibrant music scene and diverse culinary offerings, ranging from traditional Scottish dishes to international cuisine. The celebrated Aberdeen International Festival highlights the city’s dedication to embracing various global cultures, making Aberdeen an engaging and progressive city where old meets new.

Aberdeen Birth Rates: Recent Insights

Data from the last couple of years reveals important trends in Aberdeen’s birth rates. Despite a nationwide trend of decreasing birth rates, Aberdeen’s detailed demographics show interesting variations in birth rates across different communities and age brackets. This overview offers a thorough examination of the shifts in birth rates in Aberdeen and their potential implications for the future.

Total Births:

In 2022: 1,421 live births

In 2023: 1,782 live births

Decrease: 2.6%

Sub-heading: Trends: Births in Aberdeen have generally decreased since 2015, aligning with broader national trends. Birth rates are expected to rise again, surpassing the 2015 levels by 2032. Births among older mothers are increasing, and a significant number of births are to mothers born outside of the UK, mirroring Aberdeen’s diverse demographics.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Birth Certificate Replacement in Aberdeen

Do you have any questions about obtaining a birth certificate replacement? Browse our FAQs or contact us directly at or 01706 826109 for further information.

  • Processing Time

UK Official Certificates offers three dispatch speeds to match your needs and urgency. Standard: within 10 working days. Standard Plus: within 5 working days via first class post. Priority: next business day via Royal Mail Special Delivery. Orders placed after 2:30 pm will be processed the next working day.

  • Obtaining a PDF of Your Birth Certificate

For rapid access, use our fastest online service. Once you have your Aberdeen birth certificate, you can easily scan it to create a PDF file if necessary.

  • Same-Day Birth Certificate 

It is not possible to obtain a duplicate birth certificate on the same day anywhere in the UK. However, our priority service ensures next-day dispatch through Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Learn more about the fastest way to get a UK replacement birth certificate in Aberdeen.

  • Ordering Adoption Birth Certificates

Yes, in the UK, an official adoption birth certificate replaces the original for adopted children. Our reliable online service allows you to order replacement adoption birth certificates swiftly and accurately, with options for next-day dispatch.

  • Costs For a Full Aberdeen Birth Certificate

The price for a full copy of your birth certificate varies based on how quickly you need it. Our rates begin at £22.95 for the standard service, with a faster priority service available for £69.95.

For further details, refer to our comprehensive guide on the cost of a birth certificate in the UK.

  • Types of Birth Certificates 

At UK Official Certificates, we provide the full, long version of your UK birth certificate, ideal for various official purposes like school enrolments, passport applications, and visa processes.

Find out more information about the differences between short and long birth certificates.

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