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The application on this page is for a Government-issued Certified Copy of your Belfast Replacement Birth Certificate. If you were born elsewhere in Northern Ireland select the Northern Ireland Birth Certificate form.  Not from Belfast? We also offer replacement birth certificate services for the Republic of Ireland


Government Certified Copy

A Belfast Replacement Birth Certificate is a legally certified document. Your official Belfast Birth Certificate is a primary form of identification. Use this document as a young adult to help in obtaining other proof of identity documents such as a licence and passport. You can also use your birth certificate as part of the identification you need for a travelling visa. A full Belfast Birt Certificate copy shows essential information registered at the time of your birth. The certificate will show your father’s name (if provided at the time). Additionally, it will show the mother’s name as well as your birth name. It also shows the date, time and location of your birth event.

How we help you:

We understand when you apply for a Belfast Duplicate Birth Certificate, it is for important reasons. Many places make the application challenging to complete. We have made the whole process simple from start to finish. Also, with some certificate services, one small error can cause problems and delays in processing your request. They may reject your application due to such inaccuracy. UK Certificates can help you because we do the hard work for you. All you do is complete our simple online secure form. We then cross-check the information against our official databases and ensure everything ticks the boxes for fast processing. Small issues we fix in-house before we submit your paperwork. If we find a more significant problem, we contact you fast. No delays, no rejections. Just excellent fast prompt service.

Royal Mail delivers all certificates. If you select our priority service, it leaves us within two business days, and we send it via overnight delivery. So if you need your Belfast Replacement Birth Certificate urgently, we make it happen.

We only need basic information:

As can be seen below, what we need from you is information you generally will know. Your Belfast Replacement Birth Certificate Application has the following questions:

  • Place of birth – Belfast
  • Full name at birth including all middle names
  • Full date of birth for those born within the last 50 years, if over 50 years ago the year will suffice
  • Mothers full name including all middle names
  • Fathers full name if named on the certificate at the time of registration including all middle names


How much is a Copy of a Belfast Certificate of Birth?

We offer three different service levels, so you only pay for the priority of the service you need. View our prices or Order Now

Contact UK Official Birth Certificates

You can call us from within or outside the UK; we’re always happy to help you with your Belfast Replacement Birth Certificate. Alternatively, you can fill out our secure online contact form here.

Also, you can learn more about what you may need your replacement certificate for in our comprehensive news article.

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