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London: An Epicenter of Culture and History

London, the illustrious capital of the UK, boasts an extraordinary blend of cultural richness and historical depth. Renowned for its thriving cultural scene, London hosts top-tier museums, galleries, and theaters, such as the Tate Modern and the National Theatre.

The capital’s legacy in music is notable, giving rise to legendary groups like The Clash and The Kinks. The diversity of London’s gastronomic offerings mirrors its varied population, with options ranging from high-end dining to traditional market foods. Events like the London Film Festival celebrate the city’s artistic diversity, reinforcing London’s status as a vibrant, innovative metropolis.

Recent Live Birth Stats for London

Annually, London experiences a higher number of births than deaths. In 2020, approximately 117,000 babies were born while about 59,000 people died. Although there was a slight decrease in births, the numbers remained relatively stable compared to 2019. However, deaths saw a significant rise, likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing by about 10,000 from the previous year’s figure of roughly 48,000. Consequently, the net natural population growth for 2020 was 56,000, down from 71,000 in 2019.

Birth rates in London have declined slightly from their peak of 133,000, following a minor baby boom leading up to 2012. In 2020, Newham and Tower Hamlets were the boroughs recording the highest net birth figures, with 3,700 and 3,090 births respectively.

Total Births:

  • In 2020: 117,000 live births
  • In 2019: 117,940  live births
  • Decrease: 0.08%

London’s population

Approximately 8.8 million people reside in London, which has seen a total population growth of 6.1% since 2012—marginally less than the rest of England’s growth rate of 6.2%. This expansion was most pronounced in East London, where the population surged by 9.6%. Both South and West London also experienced significant increases, with population growths of 5.1% and 6.6% respectively. Central London, in contrast, recorded the smallest increase at just 1.5%.

Big Ben clock face in London

Your Top Choice for Birth Certificate Replacement in London

With over 15 years of experience, UK Official Certificates has processed more than 600,000 applications for birth certificates in London, ensuring a smooth and efficient service that minimizes delays and complications typically encountered at local registry offices. We diligently verify every application detail, ensuring your request is processed swiftly.

Our UK Based Team is Ready to Assist

Require assistance with your application? Our in-house customer service team is here to support you. Reach out via phone or email; rest assured, we manage all customer interactions directly, with no outsourcing. We’re here to provide quick responses during working hours and have a contact form ready for any inquiries after hours, ensuring professional support at every step.

London Birth Certificate Replacement FAQs

Do you have any questions about the service? Check out our FAQs or you can contact us at or 01706 826109 for more information.

  • Delivery Timelines

Choose from three delivery speeds to suit your needs and budget: Standard (within 10 working days), Standard Plus (within 5 working days via first-class post), and Priority (next working day via Royal Mail Special Delivery). Note: Orders placed after 2:30 pm are processed the next business day.

  • Obtaining a PDF Birth Certificate

For immediate access, use our fastest online service. After receiving your London birth certificate, you have the option to scan and convert it into a PDF file if required.

  • Same-Day Certificate Issuance

While it’s not possible to obtain a duplicate birth certificate on the same day in the UK, our Priority service ensures next-day delivery via Royal Mail Special Delivery. Discover the quickest way to replace your birth certificate in London.

Discover the quickest way to replace your birth certificate in London.

  • Adoption Birth Certificates

In the UK, adopted children receive a new birth certificate. Our dependable service facilitates the swift online ordering of replacement adoption birth certificates, with accuracy and speed, including options for next-day dispatch.

  • Full Birth Certificate Costs

The cost for a full birth certificate copy starts at £22.95 for the standard service, with a faster priority service available for £69.95. Explore our detailed guide for more information on the pricing of UK birth certificates.

Explore our detailed guide for more information on the pricing of UK birth certificates.

  • Certificate Versions Provided

At UK Official Certificates, we issue the comprehensive, long version of your UK birth certificate, suitable for various official uses, including school enrollment, passport applications, and visa processes.

Learn more about the options between short and long UK birth certificates.

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