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It is a requirement in the UK that you record a new birth with the local registry within 42 days. Many hospitals do this for you but do check. In the case of home birth, you may have to visit your local registry in person. If you want to obtain a copy of your Certificate of Birth you do so by completing a Birth Certificate Application.

There are two types of birth certificates. One is a Full Birth Certificate and one is an extract which is also known as a short copy.

Difference between a Full Birth Certificate and Short Extract

There are differences between a short birth extract and a full document. If you plan to use your document for identification purposes, then you shall require a full birth certificate. You can use a full certificate of birth to assist to obtain many other forms of ID. Also, it can be a great help when tracing family ancestry. Other uses include obtaining a National Insurance Number, application for finance and a mortgage as well as proof of age for enrolment of a child at school.

Full Certificate of Birth

  • Contains all recorded information and details
  • You can use this as a proof of identification document

Short Extract

  • Limited information
  • Only provides the child’s name as well as the gender at birth
  • No parental information

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Birth Certificate Application

If you have lost your birth certificate, or you simply have never had one or applied for one, there are a number of ways to get one. In order to save time an online birth certificate application lets you complete the application without the need for printing one off and posting or attending a registry in person.

  • You can apply online via our Streamline Application Order Form. Save time, speed up the turnaround and apply online. No waiting in a queue. No need to mail your application. Our service provides a fast turnaround. Also, we have a priority service available if you need your certificate of birth urgently. Additionally, included in our price, we cross-reference each application before submission for any errors which may hold up the processing. As a matter of fact, our super easy application takes under 5 minutes. All full certificates are Government issued and you can use them as legal proof of identification.
  • You can contact the local register office where the birth was recorded by post as well as in person. If you want to send your application by post you need to download and print off the application form. Also, if you want to visit your local registry and submit the application in-person visit this handy link to locate your local registry office.

Birth certificate replacement without the hassle

At UK Official Certificates, we make it easy to order a birth certificate without rejection or delays. Any issues? Contact a member of our expert team who can guide you through the process.

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